How to convert your pictures to 3D

When you subscribe for he first time to QdepQ you are entitled to store 50 pictures on the server and transform max 50 pictures for free to 3D. The resulting pictures have a QdepQ logo. Through the apps on the Google Play-store or Apple App-store you can buy additional credits for € 1.95 per 50 credits and store max 500 images on the server, The resulting images have no logo.

In the Jobs menu you can browse for pictures on your device to upload them to the server. Press the process button, and when processing is done after about a minute, download the result in Side-by-Side or Anaglyph format. You can leave your images on the server or delete them. If there is an error you can send a report. If you click on the original image file, you can nickname the picture and assign it to one of your galleries.

In the Galleries menu, you can add a gallery in which you can organize your pictures. In the Gallery menu you can edit and delet your Galleries, or make them public. If you click on the original picture file in the Jobs menu, you can assign the picture to one of your galleries.

In the Contact menu you can send us questions, e.g. of professional use for video / digital cinema. Please check the FAQ first.

In the Account menu you can change your password or cancel your account. TRY IT NOW, CREATE AN ACCOUNT!

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